Saturday, November 25, 2006

Inflicting Knitting Unto Others - week 1

Progress report: 5 pair!

That's 10 socks. In a week.

Admittedly, they're getting smaller. And how does anyone EVER trust the dye lot on a skein of yarn? I bought 2 skeins (same lot) of the Sassy Stripes - Crayons by Moda Dea during a going out of business 40% off sale last summer. (I'm determined to use it all up this week.) I decided to use the 2nd skein for the second sock since the starting color was closer to where it would "match".

Except they didn't.

So I decided to make 2 more just like them.
And now they match nearly perfectly! 3rd pair were basic sock pattern but I like the basket weave better for their stretchiness. There should be enough for one more pair.

The color grows on you. No?


Anonymous said...

Good Lord, are you even sleeping these days? Or eating? What about Thanksgiving...did you at least stop knitting long enough to have some stuffing??

Impressive progress. And the color really does grow on you!

stephani nola said...

i'll answer that! NO STUFFING, simply boiled LOBSTER!

aija said...

You.are.insane!! :) Those are awesome, and so many!!

(btw, I finished the 2nd skein of the h2g2 roving and will be posting it to you early next week! :))

roggey said...

Y'all just keep cracking my ass up with that "inflicting" bit...