Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Libby's on the label, label, label?

Look under the lid, lid, lid!

Remember when the Libby's jingle went, "If [When] it says Libby's, Libby's, Libby's on the label, label, label - you will like it, like it, like it on the table, table, table."?

This critter, found attached to the inside of the lid was worth 2 free cans - so I'll keep looking for their Caterpillars in a Can, I guess?

Perhaps the level of sarcasm in my note, filled out on their "Contact us" form of the Seneca Foods website failed to convey a high enough level of customer concern.

The letter they sent along with 2 free can coupons called this their "goodwill" gesture.

Wasn't going to blog about it because now Steph will never eat peas again. But I couldn't help myself.

My "goodwill" gesture to them in this age of the blog: Sharing the news of their Goodwill with anyone who stops by. Free Advertising is priceless, no?

RE/ Possible FAQ's not listed:

"Is the 2 inch caterpillar like worm
stuck to the top of Chicharos Sweet
Peas considered a source of fiber?"

"Does the 2 inch caterpillar like worm
stuck to the lid of Chicharos Sweet Peas
count towards the daily calorie intake?"

"Besides the gross out factor,
is my child's health in any danger since
her mom didn't see the 2 inch caterpillar
like worm stuck to the top of
Chicharos Sweet Peas until after the fact?"

You know. Because I checked with
your FAQ's first before trying
to make contact.

0 37100 04213 5
G5MJ172K 2054 4240 PEAS
As the only PEA EATER of our household, Stephani will be happy to know the following:
Thank you for your e-mail concerning the
problem you encountered with Libby Peas.
We sincerely apologize. I will notify the
packing plant of this problem and a follow
up letter will be sent in approximately
10 days. Once sealed, the can goes through
a thermal process of over 250 degrees for
at least 20 minutes which kills any bacteria.

Seneca Foods
Consumer Affairs
So the caterpillar was heated to 250 degrees after he swam to the top of the can, trying to get out?


They can't figure out how the automatic color sorters, designed to remove anything not similar in color to the product, missed it. Not sure if they thought I was making it up. I can assure them this caterpillar was plump and just as green as the peas within when he was discovered.
It has since withered & dried.

Libby's collectible?


roggey said...

Ew. And ew.

I purchase frozen peas and store them in clear containers when I bring them home. For exactly the reason of bugs.

I've seen enough bugs and stuff in helping on my grandparent's farm during harvesting, and helping with the canning, so it shouldn't gross me out, but it does...


And why do they assume that getting more of the same food that was contaminated/bad/rotten/infested is a "goodwill gesture?"

aija said...

Ugh! :) (I should say more, but really... what more is there to say?!) :)

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh dear lord!!! I'm never eating another vegetable as long as I live, I swear it!!! There is just no way to make this safe, in my opinion.

Tricotine said...

you should try to sell it on Ebay... LOL!!!

Isabelle aka Tricotine
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