Friday, July 21, 2006

Mixed & Random


I found the Barbara Walker 1st Treasury of Patterns book. So I'm pretending I might be able to design holy socks. Socks with lace holes. Holes on purpose!

I'm trying the Diamond Lace Chain with a Cloverleaf Eyelet Rib on either side. Sara thinks it needs to be put down so the Yikes yellow socks get finished first. Silly child doesn't understand the difference between "I'm working on them" and UFO. Not sure how long an item has to go untouched before it qualifies as a UFO but these are WIP - work in progress baby!

Mt. Katahdin

And that plant in the sugar bowl? Meet Dolly Dimples.
In May, this african violet came cross-country from California to Maine in a box. I've craved owning this variety for 2 years, since I first saw a black & white picture of her sitting in an antique sugar bowl, in a very old AV book A wonderful lady sent it to me and I want her to do well. Her outer leaves are looking a little peckish, so if anyone from the forums I've asked for help stop by with advice. PLEASE! Leave a comment. :)

The Pine Tree Quilters Guild newsletter I volunteer to edit 6 times a year is nearly done; 28 pages this issue and the reason not much knitting has taken place for the last couple of days. Deadline! Waiting on one last item before I can pronounce it done.

Some progress has been made on the Plant Pot Cozy Socks.

One grew by three inches waiting for VIP to adjust the headlight on the Wrangler. Thought while the fool and I had traded jeeps for the day I could have a spare key made. Perhaps have a CD player installed - because the cassette radio sucks! And have the headlight that points straight down in the dark ...Fixed.

Another one of those things repaired by the Spousal Unit.
6 months ago: headlight is crooked, son!

No CD player because VIP took forever with the headlight. My appointment was for 11 am.
So at 1 pm - when a dozen others had come and gone - I thought perhaps I might see where I was in their rotation. I'm next? Yeah, sure! Another 15 minutes went by before I said give me my key back and I'll just go.

It cost way too much, so we won't speak of it again. Light's fixed.


Sheepish Annie said...

I generally have pretty good luck with VIP but more than once have they neglected to tell me my vehicle was ready. That's an extra half hour I'll never get back. Urrggghh... And you just had to mention quilting. I am flirting with a quilting obsession of late. I fight it so hard what with not knowing how to quilt and all. And yet today I found a few fat quarters nestled in my WalMart basket. Hmmm....

Lauren said...

Hi, found you through the Amazing Lace. Just wanted to say your socks look great!

Laura said...

Another AL visitor here getting to know my list neighbors! Love your socks! Love your Sunday sky in Maine! I hear you on having to explain over and over the difference between a WIP and a neglected project that will never be finished and is waiting in the "to be frogged" basket. :)

stephani nola said...

dolly dimples? what a gross name! sounds so very Texan.. :) yes this a desperate midday / empty inbox / attempt at procrastination.

Laura L said...

Ok, I came to take a look at the AV, and I have a few thoughts .... check the forum.

Patty said...

We share many 'fancies'! I too knit & dabble in many crafts and I, too desire Dolly Dimples! I, too grow many of my violets in vintage sugar bowls and tea cups. I would sure like to find a source for Dolly Dimples. Do you know of any? You knitting is beautiful! I love socks. I cheat and use a sock machine ;-)