Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Amazing Lace: Project 1 complete.

Old Shale 2-Yarn socks are complete!

Amazing Lace Novice finishes first project in under 2 weeks.
(Is the crowd roaring? There should be roaring!)

The task was not without it's roadblocks.

This novice Knitter decided to use a sock pattern designed for 2 circular needles.
The team chose to ask designer for a few directions and it was willingly given!!
Any misinterpretation that may have occurred is through no fault of the designer.

Some panic ensued when it was discovered a stitch had been dropped and ran away for 6 or 7 rows.
The CROCHET HOOK has been named Most Valuable Player.

Two socks were knit at nearly the same time, causing some whining among our sock team mates: Which sock their Knitter loved best?

Right sock whispered, "She's a freakin' liberal...she loves you left socks more."
Knitting is allowing us to ignore politics for a while.
Inner Peace!

Both socks complained of a possible violation of the rules.
This is supposed to be a Summer Adventure!
We're supposed to be taken places. FUN. Exciting. We never got past the patio table and that only lasted 10 minutes because bug season has arrived with a vengeance. When reminded of a certain solo trip to Home Depot for 8 eight foot 2X4's Knitter had to admit no stitches from that adventure made it back alive.
(See previous post with a photo of a pile of string under one of her Letter People...Q is NOT for quitter!) Plus knitting bucket stayed in the jeep and no camera was taken - so it's like it never even happened...isn't it?

Recent Ziggy cartoon reads: YOU ARE HERE * That's ALL you need to know for now! Our new Team motto?

My birthday plant lives! And the X-Men are finished. There are still 26 letters in the alphabet.

X-treme Update here.


Marguerite said...

Congratulations on your impressive finish. The socks are gorgeous. Hope the fit and that you have a lot of fun wearing them.

Marguerite said...

Hope THEY fit!

How come I never see my typos until I hit the publish button?

Theresa said...

Great finish - and GREAT sports writing.

Wool Girl said...

Love your socks!