Monday, March 27, 2006

Sunday, so to speak!

Happy Day After Birthday, Steph!

Traditional Sunday dinner started off with a bit of a shocker. A moment we've been waiting for with hopeful certainty, surely this day would come. Uncle Kevin said he had to say something; not trying to start something, in fact it would make my day. "George Bush is an idiot."
And then something about being "done drinking the Kool-Aid" but I was giddy with the joy of the moment, so exact quotes escape me!

There was no gloating, no joyful celebration, as we are stuck with these fools intent on ruining our country for 3 freaking more years. Just a relieved and thankful little, "well it took you long enough."

But he still thinks it's okay for the government to be spying on people without oversight or a court order. There's work to be done getting him to cough up a little more of that fruit juice he's been drinking.

Knitting News

Not that Tom has been infected by the knitting craze going on in this house, but we're planning a road trip during April vacation to Harmony. I've discovered there's a century old yarn mill here in Maine and they have a factory outlet. I also mentioned the Maine (quilt) Shop Hop going on during April and pointed out other possible stops along our route. In reality it's still too early for trout fishing, so he may just be humoring me into thinking we'll actually stop at shops generally veiwed with my nose pressed to the window at 50+ mph.

Other signs of knitting infection:
While watching DVD on Saturday (Bend it like Beckham), just as movie was ending Tom shouts, "She's Knitting a SOCK!"

On Sunday he came home with a bag of yarn that's been up on the back of the stage since he started working at 14th Street School. "Anything you can use, here?"

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